Simplex Component Sdn Bhd
26, Jalan Utama 2/30,
Taman Perindustrian
Puchong Utama,
47100 Selangor,


Capability to design jig and fixture also medium capability machine.

Revere-engineering process involves measuring an object and then reconstructing it as a 3D model.


• Measures heights, depths, thinckness, gaps
• Measures internal and external diameters
• Min / Max / Delta feature
• Measures centreline distances of bores, shafts and surface to centreline
• Storage of probe constant
• Unique touch sensitive probe
• Direct RS232 output
• Portable lightweight construction
• Adjustable measuring pressure
• Metric / Inch conversion
• Built in air cushion activation (600 & 1000mm version)

Cost efficient cum fabrication and assembly with all types of jigs and fixtures.

Simplex Component Sdn Bhd was instituted on 2006. The Principal activities of the company is serve as fabrication & engineering service specialist in precision part, jig, gauge tools & equipment for theautomation industries.

We mission to build on our strength and commitment becoming leader in machining solutions and engineering provider to our customers worldwide. We provide dedicated end-to-end precision manufacturing solutions in high precision tooling including large format CNC machining parts for manufactures.

Non Ferrous Treatments:

(Chromic Asid Anodise, Chromate Treatment, Chromate Conversion (Alocrom 1200), Pre Panetrant Etch, Vacuum Media Blasting, Paint & Stove, Ink Ident)

On Ferrous Treatments:
(Cadmium Plasting, Phoshate Treatment, Passivation,
Zine Spray, Aluminium Spray, Vacuum Spray,
Paint & Stove, Ink Ident)

Fabrication of piece and assembly parts available a wide range of precision workshop machines.
Major in:

1) Manufacturing of Precise turning & miling parts:
(type of steel, aluminums, brass, copper & engineering plastics materials).

2) Manufacturing of various type of metal, acrylic & plastic components:

(ranging from telecommunication, electronics, semiconductor,
medical machine, air-cond, printing, furniture to automotive spare part)

CNC Milling and Turning

  • Equioment assembly & refurbishment
  • Conversion jig / fixtures
  • Tester / ICT
  • Line automated assembly
  • Space part fabrication & moodification
  • Machine integration & technical support
  • Handler system ( tape,& reel, tray to tray, pick & place)
  • Equipment autoutomated, modication and upgrading

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